I would like to testify that I have tried so many of Valerie’s products and I love every one of them. The pecan oil cannot be beaten by any other oil products. I use it like I do butter or any other oil, especially making cookies. The salad dressing recipe with the pecan oil and raspberry blush vinegar is wonderful!!!!- B. Tow, Texas
Awesome! We will be placing our order next week after the holiday! It was wonderful to meet and hang out with you at the Dallas Market! They will love your oils in Fort Worth!- D. Wicker, Texas
We are loving the Aged Balsamic Vinegar and the Pecan Oil! We got some bakery ciabatta bread and dipped in the vinegar swirled in the oil. Magnificent!! Can’t wait to try it with strawberries–the Balsamic that is.- L. Lunsford, Texas
Yummy, we are nuts about you in Kenton, Oklahoma!- Leon Apple Ranch, Oklahoma
I support the use of WVGS’s 100% Pure Virgin Pecan Oil as a key component to the Paleo Diet.- Dr. Lane Sebring, MD, Texas