About Us

Greetings from the beautiful rolling hills of the Texas hill country! In 2007, we chose to move to Wimberley from West Texas for one reason – the Austin music scene! We have been musicians for most of our lives and have entertained thousands of people all over the country. It has always been in our hearts to live here in God’s country where we can enjoy all the different events and festivals in the area.

As musicians, we have attended many festivals where vendors were allowed to set up and sell their goods. Over the years, we made friends with a lot of the vendors who frequented the same events. Much to our surprise, they inspired us to look at starting our own business. After a lot of consideration and research, we developed our own company utilizing a product line that has been proven to be a festival favorite – cinnamon roasted nuts! We absolutely love traveling around to different towns promoting our tasty treats and meeting new people. It’s always a pleasure to serve someone a sample of our cinnamon roasted pecans and seeing that look on their face – it’s the same look as if they were eating mom’s homemade pecan pie!

We now have expanded our line of roasted nuts to include many different flavors and varieties. In January 2011, we were so excited to introduce our new collection of culinary cooking oils at the World Trade Center in Dallas, and have since added Pure Mexican Vanilla to the line-up. Our spice blends have been very popular and our barrel-aged balsamic vinegar is flying off the shelves. God truly has blessed us with an amazing business!

Valerie and Jackie Greene

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